Redleaf Ecologists Threatened Fauna in 2016

14 December 2016

We have been fortunate this year to see some amazing regions of Australia searching and finding some of our most threatened species of fauna. Take a look at some of our photographic record for your enjoyment!  

Ornamental Snake

Denisonia Maculata (8) Croped

Ornamental Snake, Denisonia maculata. Vulnerable (EPBC); Vulnerable (Q NCA)

Koala foot prints

Koala foot prints in soft mud, Phascolarctos cinereus. Vulnerable (EPBC); Vulnerable (Q NCA).

 Southern Squatter Pigeon

Southern Squatter Pigeon, Geophaps scripta scripta. Vulnerable (EPBC); Vulnerable (Q NCA)

 Black-throated Finch

Black-throated Finch (southern subspecies), Poephila cincta cincta Endangered (EPBC); Endangered (Q NCA)

Myuchelys _bellii _image1

Myuchelys bellii, Vulnerable (EPBC); Vulnerable (Q NCA); Vulnerable (NSW)

 Anomalopus Mackayi (11)

Five-clawed Worm Skink, Anomalopus mackayi, Vulnerable (EPBC); Endangered (Q NCA); Endangered (NSW)