Redleaf Ecologists Threatened Flora in 2016

14 December 2016

 We have been fortunate this year to see some amazing regions of Australia searching and finding some of our most threatened species of flora. Take a look at some of our photographic record for your enjoyment!  

Cossinia Australis (6) Resized

Cossinia australiana. Endangered (EPBC); Endangered (Q NCA)

 Rhaponticum Australe (12)

Austral Cornflower, Rhaponticum australe. Vulnerable (EPBC); Vulnerable (Q NCA)

 Kardomia Granitica (2) Cropped

Kardomia granitica, Vulnerable (EPBC); Endangered (Q NCA)

 Phebalium Whitei (2) Resized

Phebalium whitei, Vulnerable (EPBC); Vulnerable (Q NCA)

 Denhamia Parvifolia (5) Resized

Denhamia parvifolia, Vulnerable (EPBC); Vulnerable (Q NCA)

 Allocasuarina Rupicola (1) Resized

Allocasuarina rupicola, Near Threatened (Q NCA)

Boronia amabilis

Boronia amabilis. Near Threatened (Q NCA)

 Bertya Recurvata (3) Resized

Bertya recurvata. Endangered (Q NCA)

 Conospermum Burgessiorum (2) Resized

Conospermum burgessiorum. Near Threatened (Q NCA)

 Cycas Megacarpa (2) Resized

Cycas megacarpa. Endangered (EPBC); Endangered (Q NCA)