Threatened Plants of 2018

06 December 2018

Plants and flowers can be wonderful subjects for photography and for their amazing ability to grow just about anywhere...unless you happen to be a threatened plant with specific habitat niches and facing an uphill battle to remain in the landscape. They can experience a range of threats including habitat loss, weed invasion, grazing, urban encroachment, infrastructure development or inappropriate fire regimes. Here are some of our finds this year. Enjoy!


Threatened Flora of 2018

Zieria verrucosa

Zieria verrucosa, found in semi-evergreen vine thicket. Vulnerable Status (QLD / EBPC)

Zieria collina

Zieria collina, found on steep slopes in open forest and rainforest. Vulnerable Status (QLD / EPBC)

Denhamia parvifolia

Denhamia parvifolia

Denhamia parvifolia, semi-evergreen vine thickets. Vulnerable Status (QLD / EPBC)

Rhaponticum australe

Rhaponticum australe, Austral cornflower. Found in Eucalypt woodlands and native grasslands. Vulnerable Status (QLD / EPBC)

Picris evae

Picris evae

Picris evae, Hawkweed. Found Eucalypt woodlands and native grasslands. Vulberable (QLD / EPBC)

 Homopholis belsonii

Homopholis belsonii, Belson's Panic, Endangered (QLD), Endangered (NSW), Vulnerable (EPBC Act)

Digitaria porrecta

Digitaria porrecta, Finger panic. Found on black cracking clay soils in Eucalypt woodland and grasslands

Solanum papaverifolium

Solanum papaverifolium. Found in black cracking clay soils in native grasslands. Endangered (QLD)

 Cupaniopsis newmanii

Cupaniopsis newmanii

Cupaniopsis newmanii, long-leaved tuckeroo. Sub-tropical rainforest. Near threatened (QLD). 

Callitris baileyi

Callitris baileyi, Bailey's cypress pine. Near Threatened (QLD)

Macadamia integrifolia

Macadamia Integrifolia (3) Resized

Macadamia integrifolia, Queensland nut tree. Vulnerable (QLD / EPBC)

Macadamia tetraphylla

Macadamia tetraphylla

Macadamia tetraphylla, rough-shelled bush nut. Vulnerable (QLD / EPBC)

 Owenia cepiodora

Owenia cepiodora

Owenia cepiodora, Onionwood, Onion cedar. Vulnerable (QLD / EPBC)

Thesium australe 

Thesium australe

Thesium australe, austral toadflax. Vulnerable (QLD / EPBC)