Threatened Flora of 2017

18 December 2017

We have been fortunate this year to see some amazing regions of Australia searching and finding some of our most threatened species of flora. Take a look at some of our photographic record for your enjoyment!  


Boronia repanda

Boronia repanda 2 Boronia repanda, Granite Rose Endangered (NSW), Endangered (QLD), Endangered (EPBC Act)

 Callitris baileyi

Callitris baileyi 2

Callitris baileyi, Bailey's Cypress Pine, Near Threatened (QLD)

 Cycas ophiolitico

Cycas ophiolitica seeds

Cycas ophiolitica, Marlborough blue, Endangered (QLD), Endangered (EPBC Act)

 Digitaria porrecta

Digitaria porrecta 2

Digitaria porrecta, Finger Panic, Near Threatened (QLD)

 Grevillea scortechinii subsp. scortechinii

Grevillea scortechinii subsp. scortechinii 2

Grevillea scortechinii subsp. scortechinii, Black Grevillea, Vulnerable (QLD), Vulnerable (EPBC Act)

 Homopholis belsonii

Homopholis belsonii 1

Homopholis belsonii, Belson's Panic, Endangered (QLD), Endangered (NSW), Vulnerable (EPBC Act)

 Melaleuca williamsii subsp. fletcheri

Melaleuca williamsii subsp. fletcheri, Vulnerable (QLD), Vulnerable (EPBC Act)

 Phebalium Distans (4) Resized

Phebalium distans 2

Phebalium distans, Mt. Berryman Phebalium, Endangered (QLD), Critically Endangered (EPBC Act)

 Solanum papaverifolium

Solanum papaverifolium, Endangered (QLD)

 Sphaeromorphaea major

Sphaeromorphaea major 1

Sphaeromorphaea major, Near Threatened (QLD)