Bat Conservation and Management

One of Dr Bruce Thomson’s primary research and conservation management interests is the Chiroptera (bats) with international experience in this field. He is one of the only consultants in Australia to have expert knowledge in relation to conservation of bats in mine sites and the creation of artifical bat roosts on mine sites. This is one area of mitigation where 'near enough' is not good enough. Over the years, he has also worked very closely with Commonwealth and State Governments and other professional bat researchers to develop conservation plans and to conduct scientific research. He is a past President of the Australasian Bat Society, a coalition of professional bat researchers and rehabilitation specialists.

If you are required to survey and mitigate impacts to bats as part of your project, then Bruce can manage these requirements and liaise with regulators to achieve cost-effective and professional results that will usually exceed the standards set by government departments or other authorities. 

Conservation of Bats in Mines

  • Flying fox management plans
  • Cave and mine roost site management – to prevent or reduce human access for safety reasons while allowing access by bats
  • Threatened bat species survey and management
  • Bat survey and identification - Anabat and time-expanded full spectrum echolocation calls
  • Bat roost sites and home range studies – including PIT tagging
  • Installation of bat boxes



in 2002 Bruce wrote and illustrated the Australian Handbook for the Conservation of Bats in Mines and Artificial Cave-bat Habitats